What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Properly formulated and used, it's gentle but extremely effective. Sugar cane is the source of this acid, which is why it's referred to as a "fruit acid," but Glycolic Acid in most skincare products today is synthesized in commercial labs.

What is Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)?

The group of natural acids known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids found in foods. There are many Alpha Hydroxy Acids you can find in fruits and vegetables, including Citric Acid (found in citrus fruits), Glycolic Acid (found in sugar cane), Lactic Acid (found in sour milk and tomato juice), Malic Acid (found in apples), Tartaric Acid (found in grapes), and more. Alpha Hydroxy Acids seem to work by removing the top layers of dead skin cells. They can also increase the thickness of deeper layers of skin by boosting collagen production, promoting firmness. In general, Alpha Hydroxy Acids used for skin conditions like dry skin, blemished skin, aging skin, and acne.


What are the benefits of Glycolic Acid exfoliation?

In terms of exfoliation, Glycolic Acid removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface. Dead skin cells cause skin to look dull, discoloured, and uneven. Because of glycolic exfoliation, these dead cells are removed, leaving your skin glowing and even-toned again. In addition to stimulating your skin's healthy, live lower layers to produce new, healthy skin, Glycolic Acid exfoliation stimulates collagen production, making your skin firmer. Lastly, glycolic exfoliation helps prevent and treat acne breakouts, as well as minimize the appearance of enlarged, clogged pores.


How important is skin type for Glycolic Acid exfoliation?

Exfoliation with Glycolic Acid is suitable for all skin types, and all skin types can benefit from glycolic Acid treatment. Also, oily skin can benefit from the removal of dead cells, which can clog pores. Dry skin responds well to glycolic acid as it penetrates the skin better and rids itself of dead skin cells. In normal skin, Glycolic Acid creates a smooth surface and a luminous glow. In combination with moisturizers, glycolic is suitable for sensitive skin.


Is Glycolic Acid cleanser suitable to use every morning and every evening?

Yes! The product is suitable for daily use AM and PM or at whatever frequency you wish as per your skincare routine.